Right-emphasizing Digital in the Customer Journey

Digital is a tremendous advantage for companies that understand their customers behavior and apply technologies that make interactions more effective and enjoyable within the context of the overall customer journey. 

But digital is not a shortcut to great experiences. 

Customer expectations for digital are incredibly high. In addition to being effective, customers expect digital interactions to be: 

  • Contextually Relevant
  • Personalized
  • Optimized for mobility
  • Data driven
  • Integrated with both owned and un-owned systems
  • Consistent across the end-to-end journey

In the rush to digitize, organizations are forgetting that delivering an effective and enjoyable digital interaction is often harder and more complex than delivering the same interaction via non-digital channels. Digital interactions extend beyond individual touchpoints, carrying across channels and multiple touchpoints in complex journeys.

A poorly delivered digital interaction is worse than a less efficient, but more effective, phone call.