Google's Micro-Moments: Great for Google, Terrible for Companies

Google is making a tremendous push for companies to be present in a customers "micro-moments", the small moments where a customer either decides to buy or explores a possible buy, enabled by their mobile device. This concept is great for Google, they sell services that get companies to pay for snippets of attention at the moment when a search for product or service occurs. For companies, a near-sighted focus on micro-moments becomes a race to the bottom in terms of price, loyalty and long-term relationships. 

In contrast to an emphasis on micro-moments, a focus a customers end-to-end journey can create market differentiation. Companies that use qualitative research methods to identify their customers latent needs and desires can design innovative new products, services and experiences. These companies drive engagement that extends beyond a moment. Companies like TOMS, that design their business models to serve customers latent needs, don't have to compete for the micro-moment. They meet their customers needs for purpose and meaning and are on their customers minds for the journey, not just the moment.