A Case for Complexity

Conventional wisdom says you have between 30-90 seconds to communicate your business concept and value.

This hyper-focus on the snippet, the blurb and the micro-moment is causing us to lose something. We don't try to solve problems that can't be explained in a minute. Solutions to hard problems are not easily communicated. They are not easily pitched. But those are the problems worth solving. 

The problems worth solving are are complex. The solutions are complex. The problem and the solution can't be pitched in 90 seconds.

When we only reward those who create simple, easily communicated products and services we drive entrepreneurs to create solutions to inconveniences. Not real problems. In business and in society we need to get past our aversion to complexity so we can reward those who are solving the problems worth solving. 

Investors and customers need to stop demanding elevator pitches. If a discussion about the problem and solution doesn’t take at least an hour, the problem probably isn’t worth solving. It might even take more than one meeting.

Go ahead. Solve that big, hairy, wicked problem. We’ll listen.