Marketing starts with designing your business.

Most companies are organized in a way that maximizes efficiency for the company. They are not deliberately and intentionally designed to maximize effectiveness for the customer.

Your customers  expect a seamless, consistent and unified experience across every touchpoint irregardless of where the interaction falls within the org chart.

You have an opportunity to create a great experience for your customers by deliberately designing an organizational structure that better represents how they want to interact with your company.

Try using your own services to find structures that need to be better designed to deliver a better experience. While you are using your services ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a reason for every interaction?
  • Do the structures in the organization work together to meet your expectations of the interaction?
  • Which structures create value?
  • Which structures stopped the smooth flow of information?
  • Which structures created a disjointed experience?

The traditional company structure  is a legacy of the industrial revolution. Customers today have much higher expectations for the interactions they have with companies. It is time to spend as much time designing the company structures as we do the products and services we sell.