A (not so) Comprehensive List of Customer Journey Mapping Tools


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Organizations are beginning to realize the power of the customer journey map as a tool for providing insights for innovation and identifying areas of the customer experience needing improvement.

The primary tools for customer journey mapping are analog: whiteboards, butcher paper, post-it notes and markers are sufficient. The problem with these tools is the difficultly of evolving the map that is created. For a customer journey map to grow with the organization it is necessary to transfer it to a digital medium so it can be built on over time. 


Mapping Tools

Below are some Customer Journey Mapping applications and templates with reviews for those I have used.



I have just started exploring Bagheera, and there is a lot to like. Bageera keeps things simple and provides more of a guided experience than most mapping applications. Features like a pipeline and mindset view are great for marketing or sales process journey maps. Bagheera is still in beta but looks like it will be a solid tool. 


Smaply is a robust tool for documenting and visualizing the customer journey. It is intuitive to use and includes the ability to document influencer maps and personas. The cost is reasonable for such a feature rich application.



The Canvanizer customer journey mapping tool is geared more toward service design than customer experience. It the fastest and most lightweight way to get your experience map digital. It is also free!


Journey Mapping Spreadsheet Template

To be effective a customer journey map needs to be translated from post-it notes and whiteboard scratch into an attractive format that is distributed to the organization. However, you still need a version that is easily worked with. This template is a tool for documenting and evolving your journey maps.



I recently downloaded Journeys and registered for an UXPressia account. I will post a reviews after I try them out on a project.

DesigningCX Customer Journey Mapping Toolkit

The DesigningCX tool kit has an incredible volume and variety of tools and templates for journey mapping.

I have not used the tools below, if you have used them let me know how they worked.







Research Tools

A journey map based on assumptions instead of customer research is worse than no map at all. The data used to develop an accurate understanding of the customer journey can be broken into two categories: quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative research provides information about what people are doing. Using quantitative data like website analytics, sales and marketing metrics and social mentions we can being to find patterns in customers activities and can begin to develop behavior based segmentation.

Qualitative data is a little harder to come by. Ethnographic research methods like contextual inquiry, observation, Interviews and  cultural probes can be used to understand why people are doing what they do. There are literally hundreds of tools and methods for conducting ethnographic research, we will try to list some of those here.

In addition to more manual methods of ethnographic research there are some technology tools that can aid in documenting a participants experience:

Experience Fellow - Experience Fellows is an app that lets customers document their experiences on their mobile device.

 Narrative - Narrative is a clip on camera that can take pictures automatically at regular intervals. It can be used to document a participants experience visually from their own perspective. 

Moment - Moment is an iOS app that automatically tracks how much you use your iPhone and iPad each day. Moment reports can be used to understand participants device usage habits.

See more tools and templates at http://www.jwfellows.com/resources


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