Introducing the Mind Shift Project

As we progress in our careers we become ossified, stuck in routine in how we think and solve problems. Opportunities for truly new work experiences are rare. Yet it is by having new experiences that we are able to create innovative ways of thinking. A Mind Shift experience is the opportunity to see issues and challenges from a new perspective through diverse industry, job and cultural experiences.

Each Mind Shift Project is a one- or two-day total immersion experience. Participants will be introduced to methods for exploring problems by getting out of their own heads and learn how to apply these methods to solve complex, ill-defined problems. They then put their new skills to use by designing and executing a project.

For organizations, The Mind Shift Project is an opportunity to build the capability to think from an outsiders perspective, be it a partner, influencer, or customer. For participants, a project is an opportunity to disrupt ingrained habits and thought patterns. 

Pre-registration is open. You will get behind the scenes access as we build the Mind Shift Project platform while helping guide how the platform works. You will get early access to view project opportunities and first right to register for your own Mind Shift experience. Register at