Marketing Automation Stack-on-a-Shoestring

The marketing automation technology stack has become necessity and not a luxury. Even small companies without the staff or money for a enterprise marketing automation system need the ability to monitor their brand and industry, automatically convert website visitors to email marketing for lead nurturing and convert candidates to sales opportunities while providing live, real-time sales support.

These tools forms the foundation of a marketing automation platform using Zapier for automation and Gmail as the central hub. With this platform even small companies can deliver the experiences customers are demanding. This Stack-on-a-Shoe String will get even the smallest company started and can be expanded to include integrated customer engagement tools like support and billing for interactions across the entire customer lifecycle.

The Stack

The Costs

As with any marketing or customer engagement initiative, the marketing automation stack should be implemented within an overall strategy of delivering increased value to the customer, not just delivering increased volumes of ads and offers. Your MarTech stack should automate high-value interactions within the context of the End-to-end customer journey. Find out more about understanding the customer journey here.