It's Time for Marketers to Get Back to Marketing

Marketing has the biggest impact on an organization when it does four things:

  1. Understand value
  2. Create value
  3. Deliver value
  4. Communicate value

All others aspects of marketing flow from doing the work necessary to do these four things.

Understanding, creating, delivering and communicating value comes from knowing your customers. True understanding needs more than analytics or surveys. True understanding requires spending the time to understand WHY your customers do what they do. This means getting out from behind screens.

Marketers need to listen to customers, observe what they do, and stand side by side with them as they live their lives. Only by developing a shared experience of what it is like to BE a customer can they actually understand, create, deliver, and communicate value to that customer.

There is tremendous pressure on marketers to be publishers, software developers, data scientists, and CIO's. In the rush to be all these things marketers need to remember to be marketers first.