Technology is Everyone's Job

You should know what blockchain is and how it works. Likewise, if you don't know what machine learning is and how it works, you should start figuring it out. The same goes for other forms of artificial intelligence, edge computing, bots, containerization, and server-less computing. If you are a leader of any organization, in any capacity, and you are not familiar with these technologies, you should do one thing:

Start learning today.

You can no longer NOT understand the fundamentals of how technology works. Executives can no longer trot out an IT person anytime someone in a meeting mentions technology. Managers can no longer operate as if there is a difference between "the business" and technology. The false belief that technology people will handle the technology and "the business people" will handle the business is a security blanket no one can cling to.

There is no separation between business and technology.

People who don't understand technology make horrific business decisions. They put people and companies at risk. They build organizations riddled with instability.