Denver Startup Week

The Experience Differentiator: An Introduction to Customer Experience Design (Denver Startup Week 2015 Presentation)

It has never been easier to get new products and services to market, leading to increasing competition and market saturation. In this environment of near total product and service parity, the customer experience is often the only meaningful differentiator.

This talk was delivered at Denver Startup Week 2015

The Future of Sales and Marketing

There is no doubt that the world is changing faster than every before. There is also no doubt that sales and marketing are not keeping up with the changes in consumer expectations. Sales is operating in much the same way as it has been since the industrial age. Marketing is adopting new technologies but failing to keep up with consumer expectations for more meaningful engagement and positive impact on society.

Companies will find success by understanding who they are, building a culture, a purpose and a movement while unabashedly standing for something. The most effective marketing will be doing something worth talking about.

An Introduction to Service Design

Companies invest heavily in designing the products they sell yet leave the services and experiences they deliver up to chance. Intentionally designed services and experiences can be a differentiator and source of lasting competitive advantage.

In this talk delivered at Denver Startup Week in the fall of 2014, I introduce the practice of service design. I provide tools and methods that you can use to designing services that are effective, enjoyable, and differentiated.

The Service Differentiator