Buyer Journey Mapping

Understanding the buyer journey is key to creating effective, enjoyable, and differentiated sales and marketing experiences for your customers. Our buyer journey mapping service is designed to help you understand how your customers buy from their perspective.

The Project


We prepare for the project by reviewing your company and industry, identifying the key customer personas and staff we should be talking with.


We start the project by exploring who you are as an organization. We review the brand and marketing assets, competitive landscape, business structure, existing customer base and project goals. We create a hypothetical Buyer Journey map that documents our current understanding of the customer journey.


In the analytics review we examine sales and marketing data from sources like CRM and website analytics. We look for patterns in customer behavior and review performance metrics like sales velocity and cost per acquisition.


Qualitative contextual research is at the core of our services. We spend time working side by side with your customers or target audience and the sales people and marketers they interact with. We use notes, pictures and videos to document our observations and communicate them to the team.


Analysis is based on the aggregation and visualization of the data we have gathered. We create visualizations from the data to highlight patterns in customer behavior. We use the results of our research to identify key customer experiences that impact the decision process. We build detailed customer personas, document how those personas interact using influencer maps, and create the buyer journey maps that document customer behaviors as they consider a purchase.


We map existing sales and marketing assets to customer needs presented in the buyers journey. We identify gaps between customers needs and expectations and what is being delivered, and build a plan for addressing those gaps. We rank the potential actions we could take, developing a roadmap for action and a plan for measuring effectiveness. 

A Buyer Journey Mapping project takes about 4-6 weeks to complete.


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