Tools for understanding the human experience

Journey Mapping Tools

Delivering services and experiences that are enjoyable, effective and differentiated requires understanding every interaction in the end-to-end participant journey. The experience journey map is a powerful tool for visualizing the participant experience and providing insights that expose problems and reveal opportunities. 

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Journey Map Template

Journey Mapping Tools

We are excited to release the alpha version of our new book, Journey Driven: Journey mapping for improved services and experiences. Download the book here.

Needs and Value Framework 

The Needs and Value Framework is a tool for understanding and documenting the needs and values of your participants. Use this tool to inform the design of new services and improved experiences.

Needs and Value Framework Template


Empathy Map Tools

An empathy map is a tool for documenting how people that influence the selection and consumption of a product or service think and act. The empathy map coalesces the findings about what influencers say, think, feel and do into a single tool to derive insights into participant behavior and communicate those insights to the broader organization.

Empathy Map Template


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